In the turbulent events of the recent months we have witnessed close at hand many moving examples of dedication and a willingness to help amongst our circle of friends, in schools and in businesses: Doctors treating refugees for free, yoga studios offering trauma relief sessions to refugees,  mothers volunteering to help Syrian primary school children with their homework, companies, during the hectic run-up to Christmas,  allowing their staff to volunteer in clothing donation warehouses. Sports shops emptying their warehouses to donate winter coats. Countless volunteers out there to welcome the exhausted refugees on their arrival at borders and stations.

In these troubled times it is those gestures of humanity and compassion that fuel the hope that all will be well in the end and that there is a place for everyone in our society. That’s why decided once more this year to invest in education and integration rather than sending cards and gifts.

Instead of the usual desk calendars, gingerbread hearts and writing sets a donation of 2.500 Euro went to the Munich school “Schlauschule”, an organisation providing unwavering support to unaccompanied young refugees.

We wish all our customers, all those who help us, all visitors to our website, all those who support and inspire us, who make us laugh and all of you out there a wonderful Christmas.