It is no simple task to keep the dynamics of agency life in balance. Boom phases are usually followed by quiet periods because it’s hard to have a clear head for acquisition and pitch presentations when you’re up to your eyebrows in ongoing projects. This summer proved to be a first-hand, very tough learning curve for us. Up until then we had more or less been in the fortunate position of choosing our tenders. So our image as an agency was significantly compromised when the most successful year in our 12-year company history also proved to be the least successful and most frustrating pitch year we have ever had.

For a while we sat around, down in the dumps, cursing the events’ industry in general and the pitch conditions imposed on agencies nowadays. Over time, however, we began to understand how life was teaching us a valuable lesson and how every crisis carries within it the seeds of transformation and new beginnings. We pulled ourselves together and decided to invest more time and energy in those presentations and concepts that we were really keen on, and thus a new creativity, hunger and commitment was born. We launched a new website with a clear and open vision. We learnt how to get help from outside and were rewarded with great customer and service provider relations. The crisis served to motivate us, driving us to new heights. This is nothing new of course. We have staged many events on “Learning from nature”, but this took us consciously through the natural process of evolution in the running of our agency. And it’s fun; 2015 was a good year!

In a nutshell: every problem unveils something positive. We are grateful for this experience.