Rewards and recognition programmes have been in fashion for a long time. While sometimes considered a decadent waste of time and money, especially in an age of crisis and terror, intelligent incentives still are a popular management tool to encoourage performance, create strong bonds and achieve business goals. Here’s a few good reasons for incentive travel.

To see how we put it into action explore some inspiring examples for incentive trips on our project pages.

1. Incentives IGNITE – in accordance with the word’s Latin roots – motivation and enthusiasm. They spark peak performance in teams, clear out clogged order pipelines and energize dull sales channels. If you have ever tried to make your kids clean up their rooms, you know how well the right incentive can work (“Once you are finished you can go and watch ‘Frozen’…”) Clever incentive programmes are a powerful motivational boost with a considerable ROI.

2. Incentives are an excellent management tool. We develop intelligent sales contests precisely tailored to corporate goals and product strategies. It is not just about sales: incentive programmes help to promote leadership, innovation and productivity.

3. Incentive trips strengthen bonds, loyalty and identification. Money-can’t-buy experiences, informal exchange over a Gin-and-Tonic at the campfire and simply spending quality time together create profound personal connections.

4. Incentive-trips provide excellent platforms for business workshops, networking and volunteering (see CSR live!). They prepare the ground for new ideas, cooperations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, creating “added value” for your reward programme.

5. A sustainable approach (versus a quick one-time shot): With the implementation of exclusive Club Programmes incentives can unfold their full potential over time.

6. Every corporate event, whether it is a teambuilding day, a kick-off meeting or a product launch, should be an incentive, sparking enthusiasm and strengthening ties with employees and customers. Learn more about corporate events that make a difference.