From the day in the life of an Event Agency

Live scribing for creative visualization

Scribing is a dynamic, spectacular and enlightening way to document events as they happen. If you’re looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with your audience, scribing is a uniquely powerful tool…

Glamorous Hong Kong

Back again from Hong Kong, our team leader Matthias has put together a few favourites: Here’s the most spectacular rooftop bars, best restaurants and fabulous hotels…

48 Hours in Paris

A few recommendations for a romantic weekend à deux in the French Capital… put together by B+N’s Director and Paris connoisseur Aimé Sans.

Incentives: hot or not?

While sometimes considered a decadent waste of time and money, intelligent incentives are a popular management tool to encoourage performance and achieve business goals.

Relax with Yoga in the office

A simple sequence, put together by Diana Sans, only takes two minutes, counteracts “office slump” and helps to find your focus .… Enjoy!

The pitch as learning arena

We’ve been busy with big pitches – a painful selection process that can sometimes drive agencies to despair… depending on how you look at it.

48 hours in Barcelona

In 2015 we spent a lot of time out and about exploring Barcelona, finding out what’s new and cool. So here’s the perfect programme for those who are flirting with the idea of a weekend trip.

Education and integration

In these unsettled times the human factor and small gestures of compassion combine to fuel hope that things will turn out well and that there’s a place for everyone in today’s society…

What is work-life balance?

Everybody’s talking about their work-life balance. Rightly so, considering the rise in burnout statistics, managers in emotional crises and slipped discs among the under 30s. Particularly striking is just how many people nowadays are looking for a new meaning in life, seeking refuge on the Pilgrims’ Way and at meditation retreats in Tibetan monasteries, pouring into yoga studios, taking coaching training courses and dreaming of a sabbatical… But what exactly is at stake in this much-hyped work-life balance?

Printing & folding for that Zen feeling

It’s the same every year - business booms for us in the springtime. At the end of April crates of event material pile up in our offices; many of the year’s events are decided within these few weeks. Taking stock so far: 30 laminated A3 signs (signs for a large VIP...

Butterflies flying

A few words on another of our agency's most treasured projects: Since 2012 we have been supporting the Indian charity BUTTERFLIES that works for children's rights in the subcontinent. Whilst on an incentive trip we were fortunate enough to meet the dedicated team and...

Dreaming of Sainte Anne

As a well-travelled agency we are regularly invited to so-called familiarisation (fam) trips. These are information-gathering trips where a specific destination presents itself in its best light in the hope that we can then attract our customers. A fam trip to the...

Out and about with senior citizens

Every year... in early December we organise a company outing with a difference. We close the office at noon, take the subway in the Lehel district of Munich, where we pick up some nursing home residents and take them on a trip to the Christmas market. Each of us is...

What we are grateful for

It is no simple task to keep the dynamics of agency life in balance. Boom phases are usually followed by quiet periods because it's hard to have a clear head for acquisition and pitch presentations when you're up to your eyebrows in ongoing projects. This summer...

“The Congress dances!”

BUSINESS & NATURE Managing Director Aimé Sans ventured out to co-author this remarkable book about vibrant live communication. The result is a well-formulated and entertaining "Plea and practice book" published by top journalist Michael Gleich. A whole host of...

3D Mapping: the art of illusion

The current hottest trend in event technology goes by the name of 3D video mapping and has taken the existing projected image to new heights. This new technology makes it possible to project image content not only onto flat surfaces, but to project...