Read here what projects 100 junior managers from a chemicals company got up to during the staged “Talent Days”.

icon_bnIn addition to workshops and lectures on corporate values ​​a slightly different active programme was on the agenda this time. As part of a CSR project designed by B&N, the participants worked in teams building and painting an impressive playground for disabled people of all ages, which was then handed over to “Lebenshilfe (life coaching) Hattingen”. A wonderful combination of leadership development and team spirit. At the end of this challenging two-day event we could put behind us the nerve-wracking battles with authorities gaining approvals, endless teleconferences with landscape architects and administrative offices, and enduring headaches trying to coordinate logistics, when 40 residents of Lebenshilfe came to inaugurate the new play area. Their delight went straight to the heart and rewarded all effort with a sense of joy and connection.


“It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of this project. Moving moments in encounters with people whose lives often go unnoticed in our hectic society. A CSR project that spread real joy both to us and those around us”.
Aimé Sans

Managing Director, BUSINESS & NATURE