Chill out at the ice bar

Call of the wild: Get out and get active on an incentive trip to the Arctic Circle in the natural wonderland of Finnish Lapland!

icon_bnFinland is, well you might say, cool. A truly natural paradise, as is found only above the Arctic Circle in Europe. And activities here are also anything but ordinary: incentive trips to Lapland are lavishly peppered with action and adventure. The incentive day starts for instance on board an icebreaker, where ice-swimming is THE thing to do: Geared up in special survival suits, you’re ready for a refreshing bath in the Gulf of Bothnia (not for the pampered, that’s for sure). In the evening, chill out with an Absolut vodka at the ice bar in the Snow Castle. You are then snowmobiled further north through snowy landscapes to stay overnight in a glass igloo. Your Finland incentive is rounded off by an ice and snow driving experience to perfect your driving skills, or winter safaris with a team of huskies or reindeer sled. An incentive trip to Finland requires perfect logistics. May we assist you?

If you love lonely landscapes and the feeling of freedom, Finnish Lapland is the place for you. The power of the elements is more tangible here than anywhere else I know. I love the simple, friendly, deeply-rooted earthiness of the Finns and cosy evenings by the crackling fire.
Diana Sans

Managing Director, BUSINESS & NATURE