… then read on to find out how an incentive trip to South Africa transformed social responsibility to unforgettable encounters.

icon_bnHighlights of this trip were two activities during which 30 specialist dealers experienced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) live: “hands on“ nature conservation at a national park’s Rhino Monitoring Project. Endangered rhinos are spotted by helicopter and immobilised by means of a stun gun. Microchips are then fitted into the horn to put a stop to poaching. Our incentive trip participants were part of this action, both in the air and on the ground. Generous donations were made as part of this trip to the Rhino Monitoring Project. But, to round off the programme, the participants also had fun, battling it out with junior teams from the townships in a soccer tournament. The keen up-and-coming soccer talent was kitted out with the right football shirts, balls and boots. During several fun matches in the local stadium our team proved itself to be tough opponents – and good-humoured losers. Sport connects people. Intelligent incentives alike.


I actually thought I had seen all there is to see in the spheres of incentive travel….as it turned out, I was wrong. This trip was so rich in emotion and excitement, in encounters with people and nature that it will remain with us for a very long time. For our customers and for myself this was the best incentive trip ever!
Jürgen Krüger

Director Printer Division, Samsung Electronics GmbH