Kick-off Spectacular in Hungary

If we surprise our customers, then only in a big way. Read how a flashmob in Budapest’s most beautiful hotel lobby sparked off a sensation.

icon_bnThe first day of the kick-off meeting was nearing an end. After a spectacular opening with a Tron Dance show and various workshops, 200 participants from across Europe are sipping aperitifs in the magnificent lobby of the Boscolo hotel when suddenly… somewhere someone begins to sing. A second voice joins in, then a third. Drumbeats. On the parapet of the lobby 60 singers appear and strike up Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”. There’s a lot of silent jaw-dropping going on in the audience. Not least by our client Eckart Jaenisch, who had no inkling that this powerful rendition had been planned. It was B&N’s way of saying thank you for five fantastic years’ cooperation. A surprise that went down very well. An awesome kick-off and a party on the last night hard to beat. Or is it? We’ll see…

This was our fifth kick-off with B&N. Every single time I said: Wow, now we have set the bar so high that it’s going to be hard to beat. And then, the following year, we manage to out do it again. Where’s this supposed to end?
Eckart Jaenisch

Director MarCom, Abbott Molecular