An award winning management retreat

Learning from nature: See how 15 executives took on the challenge of entrepreneurial climate change “hands-on”!

icon_bnThis award-winning training concept focuses “hands-on” on entrepreneurial and ecological climate change. Accompanying rangers into the Swiss mountain forest, 15 executives gain an understanding of how nature’s examples of change processes can be  transferred – in a workshop setting – into practical strategies. Global climate change is a major challenge for today’s society. But also in organisational development, (climate) change in the sense of team climate and corporate culture is a crucial development task which the executives faced during this management retreat. Intelligent content, exciting activities (felling trees like 100 years ago) and contrasts (a rough and ready overnight stay in the mountains at the lumberjack camp followed by a spa and gourmet splurge in a luxury hotel) have earned this management retreat the EIBTM award. Rightly so, we believe!

BUSINESS & NATURE has staged a number of retreats for our top management and each time we return inspired. In a totally out of the ordinary setting, the CLIMATE CHANGE seminar ignited new sales strategies and conveyed a fascinating “big picture”. And it brought us as a team much closer and more connected. A great success!
Roland Hagenbucher

Managing Director, Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH