Colour outside the lines in Hong Kong

Asia’s most glamorous city punches way above its weight when it comes to cultural diversity, fine dining, fabulous hotels and perfect service.

icon_bnThere is no city like Hong Kong, where Eastern and Western lifestyle find a harmonious and unique fusion. Rimmed by the breathtaking scenery of the city and its islands, you will find everything you need for the perfect business event or incentive: first class restaurants, superb hotels and vibrant markets full of mind blowing sensations. A multinational high-tech customer event in the brand new opened Kerry Hotel with more than 1,200 participants showed our team in September, how this city provides everything, from the perfect logistics to committed, friendly and reliable service at all times. This spring our project managers will be inspired and fascinated by Hong Kong’s unique sparkle once more, as the city is back onto our agenda for an incentive weekend… A  good chance for cultural and gastronomic adventures in the spectacular scenery of Asia’s most glamorous metropolis. Explore our recommendations here.

Hongkong? Absolutely! I know the big luxury hotels just as well as the hottest rooftop spots and the hidden speak-easy bars. From the very best Dim-Sums, the fanciest cocktails and the most poisonous snakes – I will show you around.
Matthias Zeh

Team Leader, B+N Live Communication