11 Days. 6 Locations. 3000 Employees.

Find out how, nationwide, a technology company set its employees on the road to success …


icon_bnPerfect logistics and clear messages: We went on  tour through six German cities where more than 3,000 employees were informed about the goals and strategies for the coming trading year. In the run-up to the tour our video team visited all the city locations to film ‘best practice’ videos with the local employees. In the style of the “Blue Man Group” our Pantomime Trio then staged a series of events in corporate red with the message “Growing together” to support the Management presentations. Simultaneously, “sound bytes” were recorded with the participants during each stage of the roadshow. These were remixed to create a roadshow ‘joint success song’ for the grand finale.

For more than five years BUSINESS & NATURE has been orchestrating our messages and incentives accurately and faithfully.This summer we joined our key staff event at Road Show – a huge project. What can I say: It went really well!

Norbert Salamon

Head of Marketing Communikations, BOSCH Security Systems