Team training with added value

20 executives of an HDD manufacturer shovelling, hammering and sawing in the grounds of a special education centre in Krefeld. What comes out you can read here …

icon_bnNot in abstract case studies, but at a corporate volunteering project 20 executives from 10 nations hone their skills in communication and team-game rules. Together with our coaches they build recreational facilities for the severely disabled residents of a Special Education Centre. The CSR project is part of a three-day, English-speaking team training complemented by facilitated workshops and special team tasks. The emotional highlight of the event was handing over a disabled playground with bird’s nest swing, herb spiral and rocker to the director of the facility and its residents. Bright eyes and sincere appreciation are the rewards for the hard work involved. What remains is the feeling that they have, as a team, made a difference.

The integration of CSR into staff development programmes means added value at all levels: more identification, motivation and team spirit; that great feeling of having created something that remains; experiencing personal and corporate values; encounters beyond your comfort zone. And last but not least, the joy that is in the giving.
Aimé Sans

Managing Director, BUSINESS & NATURE