A few words on another of our agency’s most treasured projects: Since 2012 we have been supporting the Indian charity BUTTERFLIES that works for children’s rights in the subcontinent. Whilst on an incentive trip we were fortunate enough to meet the dedicated team and learn about their work setting up mobile schools and other facilities to help more and more children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to spread their wings.

In India, being socially disadvantaged takes on a completely different dimension than in Europe. It is about malnutrition, living under plastic sheeting on rubbish tips and the daily struggle for survival. But it’s nice to see that there is a growing number of islands of hope in the midst of this ocean of misery. Organisations like BUTTERFLIES support mobile schools and institutions for basic medical care, and through educational campaigns and community work they spread the word to parents and authorities and give the poorest of the poor a voice. Thank you for all the good work you do.

For more about the work of the organisation, founded in 1989, click  >>here<<