A simple sequence, put together by Diana Sans, only takes two minutes, counteracts “office slump” and helps to find your focus .… Enjoy!


1. Forward bend on the office chair

  • Roll the chair back one metre. Stretch legs out, bend knees slightly, feet firmly on the floor. Breathe in deeply, straightening the spine.
  • On the exhale slide your hands down the legs towards the floor. Grip your ankles or shins and let the upper body gently sink down. Let the head hang.
  • On the next inhale lift the head, stretch the back. On the exhale upper body sinks to the legs again. Repeat twice.

This simple forward bend stretches and relaxes the entire back of the body, opens the back of the thighs (important for a healthy spine, particularly for lower back pain), stimulates the internal organs and improves the supply of oxygen to the brain.


2. Heart opener

A simple opener for rib cage and shoulders to help poor – computer-related -posture like a slumped back and shoulders:

  • Sit up straight, long spine, extend crown to ceiling. Interlock the fingers behind your back, waist-high. Elbows are slightly bent.
  • Roll shoulders up and back, spread the collarbone, wide chest. (compressing the space between the shoulder blades).
  • On the next inhale slowly stretch the arms, pulling them slowly back and up. Hold for a few breaths, if neck muscles are tense, slowly circle the chin from shoulder to shoulder, keeping it down. Slowly return to centre. Repeat if need be.

If practised regularly this short exercise helps relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders area, straightens the spine and keeps the shoulder joints fit and healthy.


3. Combat those frown lines: Yoga for the face keeps you young, cheerful and relaxed

We spend hours every day staring rigidly into PC screens. This contorts our facial expression to pretty unattractive grim masks of concentration. Short breaks help during which we can relax the eyes, forehead and jawline. It’s like a mini facelift and helps to preserve sight.

  • Close eyes, straighten spine, breathe deeply. Relax the facial features, particularly lips, jaw and tongue.
  • Open eyes. Glance in the distance, soft eyes.  Alternate looking to the right, left, up and down. Then roll eyes in both directions.
  • Move mouth from side to side. Blow loudly through lips. Give a little smile to a colleague. 🙂
  • Relax the forehead: place forefinger and middle finger between the eyebrows and push the skin up and out. Then gently pressing with both ring fingers, stroking lower part of eyebrows three times from inside to outside.


This simple yoga routine has been put together for you by B&N’s Diana Sans. Diana has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, making sure that the B&N team stays fit and relaxed. Find out more about Diana on: www.dianasans.com